We pride ourselves on being an educational institution as well as a museum.

Beyond that, we are also a historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our mission is preservation, education and fun!


School groups

We provide school group programs for elementary through high school students, typically beginning in 3rd grade and continuing through 11th. Tours are fully customizable for your group and its particular needs. We collaborate with schools to offer rich programs to teach colonial and Revolutionary history, with particular emphasis on the Loyalist experience during the Revolution. For younger visitors, this can include hands-on sessions with colonial games and costumes as well as story-telling activities.

 Whenever possible, we reference documented historical evidence for the events described in our tours. These include primary sources such as colonial newspapers or town records as well as first person accounts of historic events such as young Lettie Jones’ diary entry describing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, “It was the most solemn week I ever knew and I think those much older than myself would say the same,” (April 23, 1865). Come hear the many stories of the history that happened in Weston and beyond during the Golden Ball Tavern’s 250 years of existence.

For more than 40 years, we have had a partnership with the Weston Public Schools at the 3rd, 5th and 11 grade levels. Third grade tours focus on Colonial Life while 5th Grade tours examine the Golden Ball Tavern’s “British Spies” story as well as newspaper accounts of the “Weston Tea Party.” The 11th Grade program corresponds to both the general American History as well as the AP curriculums.


The Golden Ball Tavern also offers adult workshops focused on topics of historical interest and relevance in the community. Please use the form to contact us if this is of interest to your group or organization.

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My troop just participated in [a Girl Scout Program at the Golden Ball Tavern]... and I just wanted to share with everyone how fun it was and how much the girls enjoyed it. It was two hours long (actually we were there a bit longer because the girls were having so much fun they wouldn’t leave!)...”
— Girl Scout Leader from Sudbury